Enrollment Opens:
You don't need more information. You just need to step up as the true CEO in your business. That means accessing the right tools, plan, and strategy that will work specifically for you.
Create an extremely dependable marketing plan and business roadmap that did the selling for you, brought in consistent clients and profits without sacrificing your lifestyle or financial goals.
 Stop questioning every action you're taking in your business, and instead know exactly what to do every time you sit down at your computer. That means knowing what projects to focus on, getting the most ROI from your time spent, and increasing your sales month after month.
Define your unique message that you're meant to share with the world. Be confident in what you're saying, selling, and speaking into the hearts of your dream customers. This means always knowing what to e-mail your list, what to say on video, and how to stand out. Not only is your mission spreading you're also growing your business with tangible results.
 Confidently sell your services and products to people who need your gifts. This means no longer suffering from a serious income draught, feeling unsure about the impending future, and having fear that your business will *never* take flight.
What you've been taught about online marketing + selling online is totally old school... and if we're honest, it won't work anymore. 
(Hint: this is why you've been frustrated with the lack of results you were told are possible!)
Trying to get enough "visibility" online. This looks like posting in Facebook groups, filming FB Lives, and even getting busy on IG Stories or Snapchat. But you're slowly realizing that these activities are leading your to burnout FAST... because you lack a solid plan or strategy.
 Juggling your current job + your side hustle with no out in sight. It feels like you'll never *really* get this business to stand on it's own two feet and you'll be stuck working for someone else's dream, forever.
Quietly racking up your to-do list while at the same time, feeling like nothing's getting done. It feels like no one is listening and your business is stalled. You're busy but the results are more like tumbleweeds.
Feeling like you'll be stuck where you are forever. After all, you must not be good enough to hack it as an entrepreneur if you hear crickets in response to your marketing. It's not that you lack inspiration or creativity, but getting people to buy is hard work.
Are you busy building a brand without really building a business? 
(Hint: you might be focusing on the wrong "business" activities even if it's for the right reasons).
I hate to break it to ya but...
"Busy" doesn't equal profitable. Sure, social media followers and pretty pictures look great, but they don't necessarily equal money in the bank.

If you're only focusing on building a brand, without having the necessary business structures in place, you'll end up broke, burnt out, or worse - both.

I know this because I've been there. When I first started my business I was told to "get visible" and work on my mantra's when what I really needed was a plan. A plan to brilliantly bring my brand and business together to create an empire.

You've done the mindset work, you're fierce about the contributions you want to give to the world, but now it's time for you to become a boss CEO.
The online marketplace is becoming a congested, competitive place.
(Hint: how you got to where you are now won't get you to the next level.)
Learn the 3 Steps of
the "Unleashed Process"
1. Nail down your "ONE big thing". This isn't about passion - this is about your God given skills that are unique and highly valuable. This is where your "ONE big thing" lies, and that's what you need to talk about in your marketing.
2. Follow a strategy that works for you. Learn how to use sales funnels, social media marketing, and free information to attract super eager leads and potential customers with a plan that's specific to your business.
3. Nail down your offers. When it comes to selling, the WHAT and HOW is all your customer cares about. They want to know you've got their back and your program or product is their solution. When you create the right offers, everything will blow up from there.

Hi, I'm Erika Sheffer and I'm a previous Burn Out Queen turned Marketing Mentor & Business Coach.

I've been an online entrepreneur since 2009 and I've learned the hard way that dreams aren't enough to build successful businesses. 

That's why I'm obsessed with smart systems + marketing. Because no matter who you are, where you're from, or what you sell, almost any problem you have can be solved by implementing a smart marketing strategy.

It's time to take control and become the CEO of your business.
(At least if you want it to pay you like a business.)
That's why I created...
The Unleashed Marketing Academy is a comprehensive, action-based, live program that will walk you through creating your own marketing plan and guide you in executing it so you can grow your business in a sustainable way.

This is NOT your average group program. We've taken smart business strategies and have made them easy to implement. What makes this different is your trainings inside the program are focused on taking action = getting results. No fluff found here. You'll be executing each step of the way.
Who's this for?
  •  You're already selling online... but it ain't much.
  •  Your marketing and business strategy feels more like you're just flying by the seat of your pants.
  •  You're working long hours in front of your computer and dreaming of 4-day weekends and shorter work days.
  •  You're "active" online but you're not *really* sure how to get clients and customers.
  •  You want a strategic way to approach your marketing and sales so it can be automated and simple.
Who's this NOT for?
  •  Those who don't have time to learn basic principles of marketing, traffic, and sales funnels.
  •  Those who want a quick fix so they don't have to do the follow through work that actually get's results.
  •  Those who are unwilling to follow step-by-step instructions to learn simple business platforms.
  •  Those who want to outsource before they understand the strategy themselves.
  •  Those looking to make money vs. offer real value to their customers and clients.
Here's what you get inside Unleashed Marketing Academy
An implementation incubator that will get you results faster than you thought possible.
Weekly Q&A Livestreams
($7,497 Value)
Step-by-Step Video Modules
($3,497 Value)
Mind Maps & Fill-in-the-Blank Templates
($1,997 Value)
Monthly Tech Q&A Office Hours
($2,997 Value)
Over-the-Shoulder Tech Training Videos
($1,497 Value)
Private Facebook Group Support
($997 Value)
Have Questions? Email us info@erikasheffer.com
There are 10 core modules inside the program, plus a plethora of bonus trainings, resources, swipe files, and everything else you could ever need to create a sustainable, successful business.


Ever wonder how the top CEO's and top earners in your industry get so much accomplished? If you think there's a magic bullet, think again. In this module you'll learn how to tackle important projects, how to choose which projects will give the biggest ROI, how to batch content, plug up any time leaks in your business, and start producing at light speed! This kind of productivity will equal leaps in sales.


Stop the struggle with your message! It's time to take your heart-driven mission and reach the people you're meant to serve. In this module, you'll validate your ideas so you can stop wondering if people will buy, and you'll get set up with the simple tools you'll need to get your message spreading. 


The best thing you can do to start growing a successful business is give amazing value to your prospects first. In this module, you'll create an irresistible lead magnet that will give value in exchange for e-mail addresses so you can grow your e-mail list and start creating a customer base that will be excited to work with you!


Creating an online course or program isn't about selling, it's about providing solutions and vehicles of transformation for your clients. Want to have a powerful signature course that changes lives while creating financial freedom for yourself? Inside this module, you'll be guided on creating your offers that will do just that.


So you're building an e-mail list... now what? Learn how to create lasting relationships and turn subscribers into buyers with the power of email lists and email sequences. Don't worry, it's not as techie as it sounds. This is the relationship building process that every prospect must experience so they can trust you enough to pay you for your services or products. I'll show you exactly how to master this science in Module 3.


What good is a business without customers? It ain't much, that's for sure. Learn to harness the power of social media and Facebook Ads to bring endless potential customers through your doors. Imagine taking your lemonade stand to the busiest street corner in town... yeah, that's what we're gonna do with your business!


No more sitting down at your desk to a blank word doc, wondering what to write. Let's ban content block for good and turn you into a content queen! In this module, you'll learn how to create sharable, like able, and engagement-worthy content that you can post on social media, send through e-mails, or say on video. Create a content marketing plan, and never feel overwhelmed again. After all, content is still king!


Time to level up, boss! In this module, you're going to learn how to increase authority, credibility, and sales with the power of webinars. In case you're wondering, webinars are still one of the top ways to create raving fans and customers online. You'll learn how to create epic content, keep your viewers engaged, and sell out online courses and programs through webinars.


There's a science to writing copy that get's people to click the "Buy Now" button, and in this module we're going to cover the fundamentals that will make your sales pages, sales e-mails, and sales pitches convert like crazy. Don't worry, this isn't icky or sleazy... we sell and market in a "permission-based" way that feels amazing to our customers! (Yours will love it, too!) 


Once you have customers buying from you, it's likely that they will want to keep working with you! In this module, you'll learn how to up sell your customers into high ticket programs or coaching. Whether you want to charge $5,000 or $15,000 for a program, it's time to master your sales skills so you can bring on the perfect clients who are ready to pay you for your premium services.


Stop believing that passive income is hard! It's easier than you think, and in Module 9 you'll set up a passive income stream that will start paying you in your sleep. Whether it's a mini-course or a few small programs, our mission is to get your business running (and generating money) even when you're away from your computer. Let's do it!


It's time for you to spread your wings and fly, CEO! The systems are in place, and now it's time for you to bring on some killer team members, and implement a few small tweaks to keep the money flowing. In this final module, you'll learn how to keep your business growing, and stay sustainable with your approach so you keep moving forward.
Craft Your Message
  •  Create the perfect ladder of products and programs for your ideal clients, either courses or group programs or info products
  •  Confidentially price your products and even raise your prices for your premium programs
  •  Learn about the different funnels, how to best use them, and which one to choose to sell your specific products and programs
  •  Learn how to "funnel stack" to connect your funnels and make them flow together to increase your chances of making the sale
Phase 3: Strategies for Launching
  •  Crafting a non-sleazy sales page so you can close the sale without feeling like you have to take a shower afterwards
  •  How to build a team and a structure that will work for you long-term
  •  Your step-by-step process to creating a stress-free, impact-driven marketing calendar
  •  Sell a 1-to-many group program or course to leverage your time and income
  •  Master your copy and messaging on your launch's marketing materials and funnels in order to produce 6-figure success
Month Four: Uplevel & Scale Your Business
  •  Learn the evergreen business model to get out of the vicious cycle of living launch to launch so you make consistent 5-figures in sales each month
  •  How to use Facebook Ads to supercharge your current traffic strategy in order to make more bang for your buck
  •  How to nail your High-Ticket Sales Conversations in order to close 5-figure deals with ease every time
  •  Release your inner nerd and start tracking your funnel numbers in order to increase conversions
"Erika is one of a kind coach. She generously gives and shares her knowledge. She is able to give you honest feedback & unlock the blockages that you may have. She goes straight to the point. She’s very approachable & connected to her clients. I’m continuing another 6 months working with Erika & her team because building a biz of this sort takes some time & maturity. There’s no magic bullet but hard work & believing that you can achieve counts. And if you have a wonderful coach, that’s the cherry on top."  

- Nathalie Chikhi, Artist & Branding Expert
How much is your current business model costing you? How many clients are you losing because they can't hear you through the noise? And how many hours are you spending in front of your computer without making the sales you deserve? The lack of a solid sales strategy may be costing you more than you realize.

To join the Unleashed Mastermind, your costs would be $10,000 + travel expenses and lodging. My Private Mentorship clients pay $15,000+. 

But to make Unleashed Marketing Academy more accessible to you, I'm now offering it at a terrific introductory price. Join today to save big!
Unleashed Marketing Academy LIVE
Weekly Q&A Livestreams with Erika
Step-by-Step Video Modules
Mind Maps & Fill-in-the-Blank Templates
Monthly Tech Q&A Office Hours
Over-The-Shoulder Tech Training Videos
Private Facebook Group Support
Normally, a $5,000 package.
But today, you can secure your 365-Day Membership for only: 
*Secure your spot with an easy payment of $597 today, followed by 5 monthly payments of $597!
Or, to save $350, choose the Pay In Full Option today.

Full Price: $3,997!
Regular Price: 12 x $397
*6 payments of $597, totaling $3,582. First payment will be drafted immediately, then you’ll be drafted on the date of purchase for the following 5 months.
Have questions? Email us info@erikasheffer or send us a message!
"I went from making $200 one month to $4,200 the next month! That’s almost $5k in the first month of working with Erika. I was about to give up on my business but I invested in coaching with Erika instead. Now $12k months are my new normal and the clients are pouring in! It’s all happening!"

- Vanessa Hallick, Coach to Aspiring Entrepreneurs
BONUS #1: Video Traffic Unleashed
Sign up now and get immediate access to Video Traffic Unleashed. Inside this course, you'll learn how to master the platform of YouTube for attracting massive traffic to your business. 

You'll get 5 core video training modules, templates, step-by-step tech and other resources. This is an added bonus to help you succeed wildly in this program.
($997 Value)
BONUS #2: Cash in 30
There's a certain power in creating momentum quickly -- what it does for your confidence and for your wallet is invaluable. So in this bonus training, you'll learn how to take ONE idea and turn it into a cash injection in 30 days. 

This will require some hustle and grind, but if you're ready for results NOW... this will be a gamechanger for you!
($1,997 Value)
Facebook Unleashed
Facebook Ads are a powerful form of paid advertising. Inside your member's area, you'll get access to video modules containing the most advanced ways to optimize your Facebook Ads with retargeting. 

Retargeting allows you to spend less money in ad costs, all while giving your potential clients a second chance at your offer. Implementing Facebook retargeting into your current traffic strategy maximizes your efforts in growing your list and selling your products.
($997 Value)
"After working with Erika, I now know what I stand for and I’m confident in charging my worth. Not many people know this, but I went from being in major credit card debt to hitting $5k and $7k months consistently. I’m confident and I know what my worth is and I stand by it."

- Veronica Gonzalez, Personal Stylist & Interior Designer
Based on the needs of the group, we will be bringing in top industry experts to deliver bonus trainings on topics such as Pinterest Marketing, Facebook Ads, Branding, and so much more!
Deciding to hire Erika as my personal mentor has been, hands-down, one of the best decisions I have ever made. Erika not only taught me how to be a fierce entrepreneur but also how to claim every single one of my desires with confidence. She filled in the gaps and gave me steps I needed to hone in on my target market, grow my email list and community, get visible online and ultimately go from where I was to where I wanted to be in my business."

- Shannan Scott, Strategic Mentor to Entrepreneurs
"So working with Erika has been a gamechanger, literally! Erika is so generous with both her time and her knowledge and I know she wants me to be mega successful. I feel like I have learned grown up business strategies and have something concrete I can follow - a system that I can just work over and over again and just keep getting better at it. 

I lost so much confidence in my work, my content, and my abilities but after working with Erika I know my work is good it's just finding the right strategies to get it in front of the right people. For so long I believed that I was the issue, that there was something wrong with me - now I know it is just a matter of strategy and working the plan. Erika's knowledge, support and abilities as a coach really are a gamechanger."
- Rachael Dowle, Health Coach
"Working with Erika has brought my business to the next level! Gone are the days that I have to spend hours behind my computer. She is a genius at what she does and she is fantastic at breaking things down in a logical, strategic and down to earth way that is so helpful to move forward while staying out of overwhelm. During our time together I felt completely supported and she went above and beyond time and time again. If you want to create more freedom in your business, ally yourself with this woman!" 
- Karine Larocque, Health & Weight Loss Coach
What makes this program different?
This is an action-driven program where you will start building sustainable and concrete systems for your business as soon as you start. You will learn the marketing and sales strategy, and you will implement immediately. No more overload of information without a clue on how to use it!
When does the program start?
It starts as soon as you sign up! When you enroll, you'll get instant access to your Member's Area where your first trainings are already waiting for you.

I'm allergic to tech, can I still do this?
YES! We have designed this program to meet you where you're at - whether you're tech savvy or a bit tech-challenged. We have over-the-shoulder tech training tutorial videos to show you exactly which buttons to click as you learn the strategy.
How long is the program?
You will have an active membership of 365 days, but you'll have lifetime access to your digital training modules that you can re-visit again and again.
Can I sign up if I'm a new entrepreneur?
Yes! However, if you have questions, please email us info@erikasheffer.com.
What if I'm already an established entrepreneur, will this work for me?
Absolutely! You can create a sustainable business and scale your income and sales dramatically by implementing the funnel strategies taught here.
How can I ensure I'll get the support I need?
Any questions pertaining to billing and your account can be directed to info@erikasheffer.com. You can expect a response within 48-hours (barring weekends and holidays). Any questions regarding your course or program content can be asked in the member's-only Facebook Group. You can expect a response in 48-hours (barring weekends and holidays). You can also present your questions during weekly calls with Erika and her team.
What is the program like?
The program is "hybrid" in that you get pre-recorded trainings in combination with live group calls and live feedback from Erika and her team. You'll get the most out of the training this way!
Got questions?
"Erika is an incredible coach and mentor. Working with her has completely changed my business and life. In 12 months I’ve gone from broke and overwhelmed to five figure months! Not only is she an expert at what she does, but she’s caring, compassionate and totally committed to her clients. If you work with Erika, get ready for a massive up level and serious transformation!”

-Emma Tynan, Coach to Spiritual Boss Babes
Dear Entrepreneur,

I know it's probably tacky to say this program is different from anything online right now (which I believe to be 100% true), so I'll say this instead...

I've been in your shoes. I've joined bought so many courses and joined many group programs. I've been told be to "more visible", then found out quickly that there were no legit outlines for "visibility". I've done the mindset work and still ended up frustrated. I've spent thousands in coaching and was still left feeling like a failure at times.

And it got me asking, "What is going on here? Why are thousands of women investing in their businesses and still ending up dead broke... or worse, in massive debt?"

And I came to realize that most of us have been acting like hobbyists. Most female entrepreneurs aren't learning concrete strategies.

Everything changed for me when I got my hands on an actual strategy and implemented it. That's when I had a 6 figure+ launch, started generating passive income, making money from automated webinars, and finally started feeling free.

It is my deep belief that women entrepreneurs deserve to be let in on what goes inside multiple 6- and 7-figure businesses. And they deserve to learn how to implement that strategy, too.

Because you're smart and you're driven by your desire to make a difference. But it's going to take you learning strategy to take things to the next level.

That's why I created this program. Because I want to help you cut through the BS and finally start achieving. And I want to help you market your business with integrity.

If you're ready to do the work and implement, this will change everything you know about being an entrepreneur. 

And you'll very likely never have to buy another online program ever again. Join us!

Let's do this,
Erika xo
Your results may vary and are not guaranteed. While I know crazy success is possible for you, implementing strategy and creating new content takes time. Your success depends on your willingness to show up, be coached, ask questions, your ability to implement, your skills, your knowledge, your business experience, and many other things. I believe 100% in this program and the curriculum we have provided; however, building a successful business does not happen overnight. If you do enroll, please be willing to put yourself at a high level of accountability. 
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